Planned and created to empower more intelligent routes in structure framework for the India of tomorrow

A spearheading innovation item in structure endorsements mechanization framework, AutoDCR® is intended to back the administration activities towards more intelligent urban areas and digitization. It makes the structure arrangement examination and endorsement process less difficult, consistent and part quicker with e-administration arrangements.

A standout amongst the most generally executed design designing programming for e-Administration of structure plans, AutoDCR® is an inventive structure plan investigation and endorsement framework. It peruses computer aided design illustrations and maps them to the improvement control guidelines for endorsement by civil partnerships and affirming experts. The product is intended to get more prominent proficiency and adequacy consistence through cooperation between the association and the affirming experts.

AutoDCR® Focal points:

  • Peruses computer aided design illustrations and produces investigation reports in almost no time.
  • Maps all advancement control principles of the Specialist to the illustration elements.
  • Computerizes the unwieldy manual procedure of checking the advancement guidelines.
  • Diminishes administrative work and spares time for planners and the specialists.
  • Offers single window for getting building licenses, NOCs and clearances from different agencies.
  • Empowers e-Administration by keeping up digitized variants of records.
  • Institutionalizes the structure drawing plan process.

Who is it for?

AutoDCR® can give a solitary window to procuring building grants, NOCs and clearances from different offices. The arrangement takes into account a few kinds of overall associations occupied with structure plan investigation and endorsements including, however not constrained to:

  • Metropolitan Committee
  • Metropolitan Enterprise
  • Improvement Specialist
  • Modern Advancement Company

AutoDCR® work process:

AutoDCR® accompanies an implicit Procedure Work process Framework named ‘BPAMS’ for mechanization of the procedure (i.e., the proposition record development, which is trailed by the engineering plan endorsement). Structured in various modules called ‘comforts’, AutoDCR® covers each progression through which the proposition needs to stream:

  • Draftsmen present the arrangement online alongwith the application structure to every single pertinent division through a solitary window framework.
  • After beginning examination of the records, a date for the site visit of the structure examiner or concerned officer is advised to the Draftsmen and concerned Structure Controllers by means of SMS.
  • Site visit photos and recordings are transferred by site controller utilizing versatile application. Site investigation agenda is consequently filled if AutoDCR® is incorporated with GIS city maps.
  • After site examination, computer aided design drawing presented by Draftsman/candidate is naturally investigated against the structure guidelines/NOC parameters endorsed by the specialist.
  • The examination reports will be sent to separate divisions. A carefully marked endorsement letter is produced after online installment of charges.
  • Auto-produced SMS/messages are sent at different stages. Proposition data is made accessible online for residents. MIS reports are produced for following and checking.

AutoDCR® – Filling a bigger need

-Consistency and Consistence

The endorsement depends on uniform elucidation of advancement control principles acquiring consistency and consistence.

-Increasing speed

AutoDCR® quickens the examination and endorsement process by disposing of extensive and awkward calculations.

-Procedure Development and Incorporation

The change of the examination and endorsement of plans through computer aided design and work process innovation acquires development simultaneously. All partners worried in the endorsement procedure are united on a solitary stage.


Approved jobs and obligations are mapped and MIS reports are produced to help track process proficiency.


Subjectivity in the arrangement endorsement procedure is completely wiped out and clear reasons are expressed for endorsements or dismissals.

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